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In 2009

Evelyne makes the big move and becomes an entrepreneur. She creates her company, Rozelang, whose mission is to help professionals polish their communication & presentation skills. Evelyne has applied her skills as a manager and accredited trainer to propel Rozelang.

In 2015

Two incredible professionals come on board: Laure & Laurie. The three of them now share their activities, projects and a common taste for chocolate!

Evelyne is the specialist in public speaking and an experienced trainer.

Laure is the expert in continual improvement and business development.

As for Laurie, she is passionate about marketing and communication.

The trio has plenty of ideas!

In 2016

Marie-Jeanne joins the ranks of the business. Through her knowledge in program coordination and events organization, as well as her communication skills, she will help change the face of Rozelang forever. The company will now specialize in communication & presentation skills services.


comprises of a team of first-class trainers, pillars of the company, who relay state-of-the-art communication tools to professionals. To meet customers’ expectations, the Rozelang team has decided to seek talented partners in related services such as language courses, translation and revision. 

A great synergy among open-minded trainers and colleagues has allowed Rozelang to successfully benefit from each other’s ideas.

Our team never lacks motivation, flexibility or cheerfulness and is thus able to offer customized communication services adapted to your company needs and expectations.



Are you a human ressources professional? We know you are required to take a certain number of hours of language training. We decided  to offer various training sessions that have been approved by the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés.


Training with us is a good investment for your business and may increase your tax credit! We are proud to provide your company with trainers accredited by the Emploi-Québec Act to promote workforce skills, development and recognition.

Because your goal is to polish your presentation skills effortlessly and efficiently, we present you with a team of professionals who will provide your business with the necessary communication tools.


The more you like what you do, the better you are at it. At ROZELANG, we understand that pleasure is key in acquiring new communication tools, that’s why we make your enjoyment of the training one of our top priorities.

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